Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Review: Lucas (Preston Brothers #1) - Jay McLean

In a sprint, every millisecond counts. 
When you’re waiting for love, those milliseconds can feel like eons. 

High school senior Lucas Preston has it all: star of the track team, a scholarship waiting for him, an apartment to himself and a revolving door of girlfriends. He also has an older sister, five younger brothers and a father who relies on him to make sure those brothers don’t kill each other. 
His saving grace? Lois “Laney” Sanders, a girl he started to fall in like with when he was just eleven.
A girl who became his best friend, his confidant, his courage. 

It took only sixteen clicks and eight seconds for Lucas to realize that his like for Laney had turned into love.  
Eight life-changing seconds. 
It’s also the exact length of time it took to lose her.

Preston Brothers was like a spin-off from the series More Than. The Preston brothers were brothers of Lucy Preston from that series.

The story started off as a childhood love affair of Lucas/Luke and Lois/Laney. They were also called Clark Kent and Lois Lane. They had a crush with each other but very young to know what it was. Lucas and Laney started as friends but they knew from the moment they first met they're special to each other.

Lucas and Laney first decided to be more than friends between junior and senior year. They decided to have sex and finally be together after being best friends for so long. But then after the sex, which was Laney's first time, they realized Lucas still has a girlfriend which was calling nonstop the night they were together. So Lucas had to go and break things off with the girlfriend. The next day during practice, Laney found Lucas did not break up with the girl. She got mad and then decided to date this other guy, Cooper.

Long story short, Cooper ended up being a beater and violent boyfriend and Laney became his victim. All of these things she kept a secret despite fixing the friendship with Lucas.

Lucas and Laney got together again. There were a lot of things that happened in between of course. It was not an abrupt happy ending. It may seemed like a light read but there was actually some sensitive areas in it. There was a hint of rape and definitely there was physical abuse.

One of the things I like is the story development. It was not rushed. All the stages of the love story was descriptive and there was growth but not too slow to the point of getting bored.

The story was very well written by the author, Jay McLean. She was pretty consistent with her books especially with her More Than series.

Funny, very well-written, and fast-paced story. Love it!

POV: Alternate.
Cliffhanger:  No.
Cheating:  Yes (but not to each other).
Rate: 4/5